Who do we supply?

Southern Potato is proud to supply these great Companies.

Old Dutch

Old Dutch has been a chipping potato customer of ours for many years. Through partnership and teamwork we have been able to grow consistently high quality potatoes to meet Old Dutch's tight quality standards.

Naleway Foods

Naleway Foods has been making food products for over 65 years, starting with their original restaurant in Winnipeg. They have since expanded into manufacturing panzerottis and perogies, and we at Southern Potato are a proud supplier of potatoes for Naleway's potato perogies.

Peak of the Market

Peak of the Market is a household name in Manitoba, and we are proud to supply them with high quality table potatoes. Whenever you see the Peak of the Market logo, you will see potatoes harvested within Manitoba from our farm (and other local farms) focused on quality and sustainability.

Southern Potato President/CEO Keith Kuhl is a Peak of the Market board member.

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